Background and development achievements, are not measured solely by size,

but by quality and delivery of the right end products, be it any of the following:

  • Corporate Headquarter Facility
  • Distribution Center
  • Research & Development Facility
  • Retail and Shopping Centers
  • Our principals have pioneered serveral major Business Parks, contracts with Defense groups, National Health Groups, Hospitality & Destination Centers. International Trade & Commerce. Food and Beverage sectors and Corporate Agri-Business.

We believe that unless the project is functional and achieves a high-level of commercial viability, the mission was not accomplished.  Therefore, more time is spent by conducting the in-depth feasibility and incorporating the key elements of short,medium and long term outlook and compatibility of our clients and their patrons.  To achieve the desired sustainability, we incorporate all aspects of the social and economic balance to forecast the end results desired.

We believe in a forward planning policy providing the flexibility to incorporate changes, addressing the needs of state-of-the art security, multi-modal transportation and proximity of essential services for the desired project profile.

We think that all corporate tenants, be it a fortune 100 Industrial, Defense or a major retailer, they should be able to rely on our in-depth market study. An example; in the retail sector, we address not just the current trade area for immediate trade and commerce. Our underwriting criterion must have the indicators in place; that assures us of a continued upward mobile market for our retailers and our property appreciations.

Community Reinvestments:

The Principals of REIT AMERICAS LIMITED through a Family Non-Profit Foundation; "The Community Re-Investment consortium" providing: resources, expertise and management to achieve projects, such as:

  • Development of SRO (Single Room occupancy) Housing for formerly Homeless Individuals
  • Wilderness Land for the creation of Nature Preserves targeted via The Nature Conservancy (R)
  • Providing resources and knowledge to assist Not-for-profit groups to access Grants & Funding
  • Developing Business models to create Cooperatives for Job training and placements
  • Industry and Business development projects in Empowerment & Enterprise Zones
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